We’re building tiny homes for Aiken County's Homeless

Aiken County Homeless Housing (ACHH) was formed in 2021 as a corporation in South Carolina. We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization (tax ID: tax ID 86-2041218) with the mission of developing transitional housing for Aiken County’s homeless citizens.

Who is Aiken County Homeless Housing (ACHH) ?

Newly-formed non-profit corporation born out of the efforts of the Aiken County Homeless Coalition.

We conceive, design, and construct housing units for otherwise homeless people of Aiken County, South Carolina – including obtaining and developing land/real estate, obtaining permits and variances, as required, and arranging for other organization(s) to beneficially operate the housing units. Upon completion of the housing units, it is expected that their ownership will be transferred to a different suitable non-profit organization for day-to-day operation; i.e., they will not accumulate as assets of ACHH.

How can you Help ?

Services We Need

  • Pro bono legal services
  • Pro bono architectural services

Help With Construction

  • Organizations can “adopt” one or more houses to complete with their own flourishes on external appearance and furnishings.
  • Forming/pouring concrete foundations; framing/finishing floors, walls and roofs; installing windows and doors; simple electrical and plumbing installation
  • Donating furnishings (adopting homes for this) – including small kitchen appliances, beds, table/chairs, window curtains, shower curtains, etc.
  • Operations:  Take over operational responsibility  — assigning/renting, opening/closing Community Building, coordinating service providers, etc. 


  • Site preparation support – constructing driveways, water, sewer, and electric lines
  • Donations of construction materials

What Will the Tiny Houses Look Like?

House design shown is dimensioned to resemble a travel trailer.  Final design may be closer to square. 


More About the Tiny House Movement

The links below show tiny houses that are often referred to as “cottages.”  They include a kitchen and a bathroom in each cottage – as ACHH proposes for all of it’s tiny houses.  It’s less expensive to provide only a central “community” kitchen and bathrooms.  However, the ACHH Board believes that the objective of providing the tenants with an opportunity for building self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-discipline are best served by individual kitchens and bathrooms.

The tiny house communities featured in the videos linked below are not fully representative of the tiny houses to be built by Aiken County Homeless Housing.  They are smaller, and do not include bathrooms and kitchens in the individual houses.  Community bathrooms and kitchens are provided, instead.


ACHH believes that a private bathroom and a home with a kitchen are necessary to strengthen the individual’s sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-discipline – all important factors supporting  the resident’s move back into productive society.

Regardless, the videos illustrate what a blessing it is for a homeless individual to move into a tiny house.

Our Concept


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